Cube DJ Booth

Portable, durable, and light-weight, the ClearConsole Cube DJ Booth is compact, portable, and modular.


  • Aluminum Framework
  • Carbon Fiber laminated countertop
  • Hand Cranked Knob Screws
  • Thick Rubber Feet
  • Built-in Power strips
  • Grommet Holes
  • Front Visor


  • Modular Wedge Sections
  • CDJ Platforms
  • Laptop Stand
  • Speaker Stands
  • Headphone holder
  • Locking Casters

Make it modular

The Cube DJ Booth with modular components for various configurations.

Featuring edge-lit acrylic front panel with and/or optional TV mounting bracket. The Cube DJ Booth is functional and logistically friendly. The unit breaks down into multiple components with the center frame members (countertop, front panel, bottom cross-member) attaching to the side-arm assemblies. The frames are aerospace grade, thick gauge aluminum; making a durable and light-weight assembly.

Table Height:
Table Height w/casters:

Front Panel Options

Logo on Clear

TV Display Bracket

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