X DJ Booths

The X is the newest addition to the ClearConsole™ DJ Booths product Line. Built with aluminum sheet-metal and extrusion, it does not fall short of our standard in quality and durability. The side-arms are hinged and fold inward and the counter top folds down. The front panel has various options for finish and branding. The booth comes standard with a thick clear acrylic panel with edge-lit custom branding and artwork. The upper frame section features a back-lit name or logo of a venue, artist, DJ, or sponsor.


  • Aluminum Framework
  • Carbon Fiber laminated countertop
  • Hand Cranked Knob Screws
  • Built-in Power strips
  • Grommet Holes
  • Front Visor
  • Custom Branding


  • CDJ/DJDJ Platforms
  • Laptop Stand
  • Speaker Stands
  • Headphone holder
The X DJ booths provide the same functionality as the other models however it does have a newer and bolder aesthetic impact. It’s highly customizeable with lighting options, front panel options, frame color, and table size to accommodate various DJ equipment.

The X DJ booth also features the same accessorized features such as CDJ stands, laptop stand, and speaker stands as well as various carrying options including custom made flight cases to secure transportation for mobile DJ use.


Table Height:

Table Depth:


Logo on Black

Logo on Clear


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